First time chicken owner. Need help


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Dec 19, 2009
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Got 3 red and 3 assorted pullets from TSC on April 4 have no idea what breed they are. Went back last week to get more feed and there was a guy selling what he said was Barred Rocks and having chicken fever I had to get 2. Can anyone tell me what breed the 6 are from TSC and verify that the other 2 are indeed Barred Rocks and what gender they are. I can't figure out how to attach pics to thread but the pictures are in my photo albums. Any help would be great.

Thanks Bruce
the blacks are jersey giant if feet bottoms are yellow or australrop if they are pinkish/ white or they could be a black sexlink

the red/white chicks are cinnamon queens or red sexlinks which means they are girls, the white with black spots here and there look like tetra tints a leg horn cross hatchery bird

come over to the nc thread in where am I where are you thread sometime
Thanks for the reply. One of the little black ones looks like it has yellow bottoms and the other pink. Really wanted Barred Rocks but i guess they will be my next ones.

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