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9 Years
Jun 2, 2010

Im new at this, so if this is in wrong the section I apologise in advance.
I have just recently purchased 3 beautiful hens! Yay! They are set up and looking great in their coop.
I was wondering if there is a standard time frame that they should start laying eggs after bringing them home?
As in is there a time frame that if they havent produced any eggs that I need to look into what Im doing wrong or what I need to change.
Any Help would be great!

If the hens were already laying when you bought them, I would give them a week or two to adjust to their new home before I'd worry about no eggs. It could be sooner though.

Good luck with your new ladies!

from California!
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Thanks for the reply!

I ve had a lot of fun trying to figure out their breeds so far. As a chicken Newbie Im having a ball!

And thanks for the welcome!
Congrats on your new girls! and
you'll find a ton of great information on this site. I'd agree with Tammy, but also don't be surprised if it takes even longer than 2 weeks or so for them to begin laying again (if they were already laying in the first place). Hens need to feel safe and secure before they start laying and are creatures of habit, so they just need to get adjusted and comfortable in their new home and then you'll be making omelets daily!

What breed of chickens did you get?
Awesome! I'm also a newbie, with 3 hens.

Our golden comet girls layed two brown eggs within 36 hours! But then again, they have a much happier home than the one they came from. They were filthy, muddy, and hen-pecked when we scooped them up, but they were strutting and preening within 20 minutes of seeing their new place!

Congrats, and I bet you'll have eggs in no time!

PS: Howdy from Candler, NeeleysAVLChicks!!
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I think, from what ive been able to research my chickens are as follows,

"Stix"= Catalana?

I could be wrong though
We rescued a group of chickens that were 'dumped', like people drop off dogs, cats, puppies, kittens...on the country road near our property. DH waited until after dark, caught the ones he could, put them in the trees that night on the property because we didn't have a coop. They laid eggs the next day in the area of the trees; 8 eggs from 10 chickens! Just so you know, he built and finished a coop in 2 days. They instinctively knew it was for them; they even lay in the nest boxes he built in the coop. We lost one chicken to an aligator (she liked to run and play in the shallow water in the pond, little idiot) and the rest are fine and still laying 7 to 8 eggs per day. We're really happy with their egg production.
Its been a while now and chickens, whilst looking comfortable, havent laid any eggs,

Im wondering what I am doing wrong?
Am I able to post pics in these threads? If so, ill take some shots of their coop etc and see if you guys can point out if ive got something wrong. Ill also post a the feed they are getting too!
Are you sure they were already laying when you bought them? Do you know how old they are? Are their combs bright red, or pinkish-yellow? If they are mature, their combs should be a nice dark red when they are ready to lay.
Im pretty sure they are red,, but ill have a look tonight and double check. Also i might contact the guy i bought them off too, i didnt think to ask if they were laying already or not:p
What a newb:rolleyes: lol

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