First time chickener


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6 Years
Apr 16, 2013
'ello peoples!

Got two French Maran sisters from dealer in Lox., FL. Lucy, and Ms. Chicken. My dog is fascinated by them, and they can't seem to stand them. The treats they leave behind my dog is very grateful for. Anyone else got a dog that yams down chicken poop???
We have three Shih Tzus that have no issue gobbling that stuff up. All 3 of them. I think its a pretty common
Greetings from Kansas, ChickChickee, and
! Pleased you joined us! Yes, one of my dogs has always been to have the disgusting habit of eating up chicken poop as well as cleaning the cat box. Such a treat!
Phew good to know. We want the chicken poop for the compost, so Pup will have to stand down. BTW, Ms. Chicken's new name is Ethel. Not even a week and someone gave me an egg this morning! Whoo! Also Wayne, the dog thinks i taste too horrible to kiss. Ive taken a backseat to the poo. :/

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