First time cornish x and layers


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Apr 20, 2013
So glad I found this sight its awsom can't wait to get involved. Anyhow just got 25 meat chickens ( Cornish x) and 18 layers ( 10 red pullets 5 buff orps and 3 golden laced wyandottes ). So far so good, little apprehensive with all the leg issues I'm reading about. Real interested with the fermenting of food just need to read more. Thanks for all the info and looking forward to being involved.
Howdy from Kansas, poultrygeist2, and
! Pleased to have you aboard. There is definitely a lot to read in the fermented feed topic! As far as the leg problems on the Cornish X - a couple of things that seem to help are rationing their feed after the first couple weeks - some folks feed 12 hours on and 12 hours off. That limits their growth rate and seems to result in fewer problems. I also try to give them a little exercise in the yard. Good luck to you with your meaties and your layers.
Well its been a while but processed oír first batch of meaties all went and exceeded our expectations thanks to all the info and help from this Forum and you guys. The traffic cone is the way yo go wouldnt do it any other way they Were calm and folk about 45 esconde héroes duncking info water around 150 deg. Little dish soap in water swished around for about 30 seconds till wing feathers pulled easily and ready to pluck. The plucking was a breaze almo virtually wiped off dont really know why anyone would even consider a.plucker for the cost involved probably plucked a Bird in 2 to 3 minutes with eaze. For our first time we decided to do 5 of our roosters they Were 6 1/2 weeks and dressed out bout 5 lbs gonna try and post a picture. We dir the 12 on 12 off after three weeks in 2 weeks gonna do the hens they should dress out
round 6 1/2 to 7 lbs. Anyhow im rambling because my wife and i are so excited with our accomplishment. The 5 are resting in the fridge and we'll have the kids over for roast chicken in couple days. Again wow and thanks BYC for this site and to all you great people. One lees thing to depend on corporate América for.

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