First time dealing with Fowl Pox, help please!


Nov 24, 2019
North Texas
Hello All!

We discovered that one of our girls has fowl pox yesterday. She was hiding, fluffed up and just general scared. I went to buy a cone to cull her but the guy at Tractor Supply said not to, that the pox weren't typically fatal and that I can help her. So I have VetRX, Electrolyte and Probiotic powder. She's isolated in my garage with some good food and water, a fan and my husband and I are constantly in the garage so she's got company.

For the coop, we emptied it. The whole coop was sprayed down with bleach water and the feeders and watered took a good bleach water soak as well.

I know isolation only helps slow the spread as the girls have already been exposed to it.

What tips and tricks can you offer a first timer?


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Apr 3, 2011
southern Ohio
Do you have pictures of the chicken? There is no treatment for pox, only time, to let it run it’s course over 3 weeks to recover. There are 2 types of pox, dry which causes scabs on the skin, and wet, which causes yellow lesions inside the beak and throat. If younsee scabs near eyes, I would use Terramycin eye ointment or plain Neosporin to help prevent an eye infection. Pox is spread by mosquitoes, and you may see others with pox scabs. There is a vaccine for pox, available online for those not exposed. Here is a link to read:

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