first time duck parent-question of putting them outside


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May 24, 2015
I am new to this forum and to ducks. I have gotten some great tips by reading various threads,thank you. We have 2 ducklings one is about 3 weeks and the other 4 weeks. We put them out in their new coop today for the first time. They were running around and playing in the water. Seemed happy to have space! Once it started raining they huddled behind their pool. They will not go in their house. We brought them in for the night since its raining heavily. When can they stay outside at night and will they learn to go in their house ? This is a pic from a week ago in their brooder


May 9, 2015
Aweh so cute! Right now they need to be warm, have a safe heat lamp set up? Also when they swim always make sure to dry them off immediately after they don't have the ability to waterproof themselves yet and could catch a cold or pneumonia. They won't be able to regulate their body heat until fully feathered which can take up to 9 weeks, sometimes a little sooner just depends on the breed. If it's warmer outside it might be ok to let them go out sooner but not before 4 weeks at least. You can train them to go into their house using thawed peas. Set up a routine and lure them in one pea at a time at the same time everyday and eventually it will become a habit :)
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