First time egg laying

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    Mar 23, 2008
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    Ive been told that when a chicken first starts laying their eggs they will be small and sometimes a lighter color. Well Ive been okay with that until people keep telling me that they should be getting bigger, the egg that is.

    I have two EE, two BO and two RIRs. Ive heard that most EE lay much later on then most other birds, but my two EE have started laying first! Ive recieved 3 eggs from each of the easter eggers. Where as the 2 BO and 2 RIR havent layed anything! [​IMG]

    The 6 eggs that they have laid have all been the same size. About an inch and a half or so. Which everybody tells me is much smaller than a banty egg. My main question is..will the eggs get bigger?

    Heres a photo of the first egg..

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    I'm not sure since I have only had my first two eggs so far, but I was under the impression that they get bigger over like a month or so.

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