first time for cochins


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8 Years
May 18, 2011
Hey everybody, i am gonna have my first few cochins sometime this week and just was wondering if there is anything special i should know. I also want to know how loud the roosters are . I dont really live in the city but i do have neihbors. Ive been to farms with cochin roosters and they were very quite and only crowed a couple times. So thanks for any input and hopefully i will put up some pics of my new flock members.
I have a Cochin too! But it's a pullet, so I don't know how much the roos crow. I hope you enjoy him, though! Cochins are awesome!
thanks! i hope i enjoy them as much as i think i will every thread i've seen about them there is nothing but good things said. I cant wait tomarrow is the day.
It is gravely important that you know.... cochins are adorable and fluffy, and cuddly!

I've only heard that they need special attention if their little feet feathers get gunked up too badly, or if you are trying to breed them (Mschickendad has hilarious posts about giving her cochins brazillian haircuts).

The roosters are quiet compared to a normal roo, but that's still pretty noisey.
thanks for the reply, Ive heard the foot feather thing to but there will be no breeding by me so i wont have to worry about all that and its good to here that they are quiter.

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