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Hello I started BYC last year and since then I have asked and pleaded and begged for chickens of my own. Wow, that makes me sound like a spoiled girl, I am not. Anywho, a couple days ago my mom asked me about things I wanted to do over the winter and I said I wanted to learn how to build stuff and she suggested a chicken coop. I about flipped out of my chair I was SO happy!!! The only compromise was they were going to be "family" chickens not just mine. I was fine with that as long as I myself got one of my own! So me and my siblings have been really looking into different breeds of chickens that would work for us. I am a spunky, curious and so I have been told mischievous girl. So I looked into some chickens but none of them seemed right for me so I am wondering if any of you could give me suggestions and tips for getting chicks for the first time. We would be getting the next spring and would be getting one for each of us (4) but I was hoping to talk them into letting me has two instead;) okay I think that is all tell me about your favorite Chickens and why they are. Also tips for first timers. Sorry about the long post. Oh one more thing I live in Michigan so we can have pretty harsh winters and summers so please keep that in mine if you want to give me suggestions. Give me friend requests I have no friends yet lol okay thx and bye:cd
That's good news! It will be a new adventure! I can't think of a better pastime for kids or adults. If you've been reading thru BYC, you have seen the breed reviews. That's a good place to start, see what appeals to you, . Will you get to choose or influence what kind everyone gets? I wanted hens for eggs, and my favorite is the Buff Orpington. My teenage niece loves her little silkies. It will surely be fun whatever you get.

I am also one for the eggs..and, I hatch silkies for the fun of it. I love me a silkie.

Sex links give eggs..almost every day! I also love me a white leghorn, Might be boring for you, they lay white eggs. But I love them. Here is a photo of my red sex link and my leghorn at the back door begging for treats!

Greetings from Kansas and :welcome! I am so happy your family is able to get chickens. In terms of favorite breed, on BYC you'll get as many opinions as there are types of chickens - everyone has their favorites. Well, since you asked, I have a few favorites...I love the look and gentle nature of Speckled Sussex. I am also partial to any of the Rocks, plus I like Re Stars and Naked Necks. In looking at my "list" I realize for me all of those birds have been friendly, docile, and fairly quiet. But strangely enough, I have a bird in my flock that seems to match your personality as you describe it. She's a 7 year old Acona named Bitty. She is my oldest hen but still gives me the occasional egg. She can be friendly, or flghty, let me pick her up, or run like I was chasing her with an axe! She's noisy, always in the flower beds or in some sort of mischief. On the nest she might let me reach under one day to get an egg, and the next day peck me so hard she draws blood! You just never know with her. I wouldn't want a flock of Bittys, but I sure like having her around. Sorry I wasn't much help. But you sound like a responsible future chicken raiser and whatever you choose will be your favorite because you'll raise it right. Good luck on your chicken adventures and let the fun begin! :yiipchick. :weee. :yiipchick
I'd say welcome, but you say you have been here a year already! Re: your choice of breeds, well, based on your description of yourself...
Quote: ...I would think a flock of Easter Eggers might suit you well. They aren't as proficient layers as say, an Australorp or a Rhode Island, but they can be very friendly and collecting their colored eggs should be fun.

ADDENDUM: If you want to hatch some eggs, then you will obviously need a rooster. I would recommend another EE or some other blue egg layer. If you don't want to hatch them in an incubator then you will need a hen that is quick to get broody; I've heard Silkies are known for this and they too are very gentle birds.

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Welcome to the flock. I think you should post on the Michigan state thread and ask your questions there. Silkies are not the most robust of breeds, they are not considered layers. They don't really fly but, can jump high when they want too. They are generally docile, kid favorites, and chosen often because they are among the best broody hens. They are also easy predator bait because their combs and beards obscure their vision.

If not raised up from chickhood with other breeds you have, they will be feather plucked and bullied (as would Polish). They don't do well with hot temps and my friend who has had them- says they don't appreciate cold , wet, snowy weather either. They can be great house chickens. But I don't
think your parents would like that.

Buff orps, black australorps, etc. Easter Eggers etc. are hardier and very popular.
Those are some CUTE chickens you have there! I have looked into silkies and they do not sell them anywhere near me
But they do have leghorns I'm pretty sure..... Oh and nice coop in the background.
I have been looking at all of BYCs breed forum and I think I saw the speckled Sussex in there somewhere.....I'll have to look further into that breed... your chicken, bitty, seems like quite a character! Lol. I'm sure all of us can relate to that keep kind of behavior once in a while lol:cd and thank you for your comment on me being responsible
Ohh the Easter egg eggers sound like a cool breed to have! I would like to gather colorful eggs in the mornings
My mom would not like to hatch anything but to get them from a local hatcherie/farm store. I would like to but I guess as a first timer I should maybe wait a year or two for that kind of project. Thanks!

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