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6 Years
Jan 31, 2013
East Texas
We have life!!! Locked down the incubator last night after raising the humidity. Tonight we have a baby and two more that have pips. We are to eggcited to be first time grandparents. We set eight eggs. Six americana/light brown leghorn mix and two?? mix with light brown leghorns.

Here is the first one to hatch

We have three more with activity both the brown and blue closest to the chick in the above pic and another are wiggling in their shells. I wasn't expecting them to hatch this soon.

If they are on lockdown and I can't open the incubator till day twenty-three to be certain all have a chance to hatch then what do I do for these that hatch early? This is day 19.
Congrats! You can take out the first hatchlings as soon as they've dried off and fluffed up. As long as you do it quick, so you don't lose too much humidity, the other eggs will be o.k.
Thank you for your reply. I hate watching the first babies pick at the feathers of the newest. I know they are probably only trying to eat the yolk off the feathers of the others, but it makes the little ones so unhappy to have their feathers picked. We now have six of eight hatched the remaining two show no signs of pips or anything, yet. But we are just on day 20.

I am so excited. We were hoping that our two brown egg layers were selected from our buff orpington moms and it looks like they were! Woo Hoo! Of course dad is still a light brown leghorn, but that's okay.

Edited to add four easter eggers in a box out of the incubator.
They have already figured out their temporary water and food bowl. Smart girls!
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