First time hatching duck eggs EVER! Advice would be great.


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May 30, 2011
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I decided I wanted to have a duck and my dad wanted me to hatch them as an experience. I will keep 1-2 and give the rest to my friend's ranch. I have a still-air hova bator, no auto turner or fan. Im stabilizing the temp. right now to around 100.5 I only want to hatch one batch so I figured why should I spend all the extra money. I also have heard of many success stories using the simple equipment I have. I bought a digital thermometer/hygrometer a few days ago and am using that. The incubator instructions said to fill the middle trough (little dip to put the water) with water and I did, but the humidity says 47%? Tips on all of this is helpful but there are two main concerns for me.

I have ordered 10 eggs from metzerfarms online and they are expected to come tomorrow or wednesday. I'm not sure where the package will be put, and i hope they dont die from me not being able to find them. (it asked for my address and thats what I put so i hope thats where it is delivered). Also, when I get them, I read somewhere that I should let them settle? But it said they should be stored in 60 degree temp. and I have no idea where I can put them at this consistent temperature so would it be okay if I just straight forward put them into the incubator? How long after should I wait to hand turn them?

Second, I had to time this hatch to occur perfectly this summer. I am a high school student and I will be incubating them during the month of June. However, during the second or third week, I will be on vacation for 4 days and am leaving them home (obviously). I am having a friend come up to my house 3 X a day to turn the eggs and check the temperature. I know the eggs begin to increase temperature, and I dont want them to overheat, so what is good info i should give to my friend? Should I tell her to turn down the temperature everynight or something? I'm soo worried

Please help...

They will be delivered to the post office thats where my chicks came from. Let them know that you are expecting the eggs so they call you when you get there so the eggs don't spoil some times the post office back room can be too hot or too cold. Also good luck with the eggs watch out for premi's when hatching I have had 2 premature hatch's and they both survived but they had severe medical problems so keep an eye out for ducklings taking to long hatching or seem to small, hatching is very hard to do and alot of medical problems can happen to the baby it's very hard actually I'v had chicks with backwards legs and crooked necks undeveloped hearts (but that was from 100's of hatching's I'v done through out the years)
I hatch duck eggs in an LG still air, usually successfully. HOWEVER, I do have some problems with shipped duck eggs hatching .......
That being said..

I do duck eggs at that humidity level until lockdown. That is OK. If it gets lower, use a little spray bottle and mist them. Don't over mist, it will raise humidity quickly just lightly misting.

Do not put them straight into the incubator. Let them settle pointed end down at least overnight and reach room temperature. You should keep them out of direct sunlight.

Have your friend keep a check on the temperature. However, if she is not going to be there for several hours after adjusting it, then it is no use, because she could possibly turn it too high & no one be there to notice. Turning it down can be as bad too - it is possible to get it too low, but if it goes down just a little it may just take longer for the ducklings to hatch.

One option here, use both red plugs to set up the incubator and set the temp. If it gets too warm, she can remove one plug, and if it is still high when she does the third turning, she can remove second one. Remind her to mist at least once a day too.

Be sure to pick your friend up at small gift while you are gone for helping you out!

Hope this helps!

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