First time hatching duck hatched tonight-3 days early! PIC


15 Years
Jun 27, 2007
I'm on cloud nine right now, 3 days early and one of my darling Pekins has hatched, another egg is pipped already as well.
How soon do Ya'll take them out of the 'bator? How soon can I hold and love on my new baby??????????? I'm so proud of my 6 month old girls, these eggs are from them :)

I would imagine the same goes for ducks as they do for chickens. You will have to wait for the pipped eggs to hatch. If you open the bator before then You may do them harm or kill them. I'm sure someone who has more reliable info will come in and answer for you.
I would wait until they dry off. If you open the incubator you decrease the humidity, so if you can wait it is better. What a little cutie!!!
On our first hatch of 16 duck eggs, As soon as the they were completely out of the egg and not attached to any yolk at all, my DH would remove them from the bator and place in brooder under heat lamp. They wouldn't dry in bator. All 16 hatched out fine.

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