First time hatching duck eggs :)

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    I found some runner duck eggs locally today and am getting the bator ready to put them in tomorrow. I'm so excited! hatched chicken and quail many times, but never ducks! Any tips/suggestions?
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    Runners take about 29 days to hatch. The temp is the same as chicken eggs, but the humidity should be at least 65% during incubation. Raise the humidity to at least 80% for the hatch, and you'll be fine. You can mist and cool the eggs everyday after day 4 if you wish, but it is not necessary. To do this, just take the top (if you have a styro bator) of the incubator off, allow the eggs to cool for 10-15 minutes, spritz the egg directly with room temp water, and put the top back on. Just don't forget to put the top back on! And don't laugh, it's not that easy to remember! [​IMG]

    Oh, and if you do cool and mist the eggs, you'll continue to do this until you see a pip. Ducks can take from 24-48 hours to hatch after first pip, so make sure you sit on your hands [​IMG]
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