First time Hatching duck Eggs


6 Years
Apr 20, 2013
SE Kansas
Is there anything I need to do different for duck eggs as apposed to chicken eggs while incubating? I am having eggs shipped today plan to start them this weekend after they have settled from shipping.
Have you seen this?

My understanding is it applies to duck eggs also. And I have read a few times lately that there is confusion between relative humidity and wet bulb humidity. You want to be sure about that - some have been keeping the humidity too high. Some hatchers write that they weigh the eggs and that tells them more that they need to know than just watching humidity.
Here I'm on day 25 on my duck eggs and this is what I did, temp:99.5 humidity:25-40% mist everyday from day 7-25
A tip for misting eggs if your able keep the bottle right in your incubator I got a metal narrow one at the dollar store.. the water cools as you spray and it act like a heat sink for the incubator

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