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    Nov 8, 2008
    Ok I have 6 (2-3 fertile i think)eggs due the 26 and then 18 due the 2 of may. I am concered that infertile eggs will explode due to the heat and time. I know I am not good at candling so this is an issue for me. And second this is a staggered hatch. If i put the humidity up to 65% the last three days for the 2-3 eggs that means I will have the humidity up the last 6 days for the 18 eggs. Will that be to high for the for the last 6 days for my 18 eggs. I would rather have 18 eggs hatch rather than two or three.
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    If you don't have any odor don't worry about exploders. I haven't ever had one. No matter running them to 24 days and beyond.

    Staggering represents tough choices. If you do it in the same bator, yes you can affect the next hatch. You can rig a homemade hatcher - if you search the threads there are all kinds of ideas for desperate measures that actually have worked. Including lamp in a box.

    I have a retarded broody turkey and had a vastly staggered hatch because of it. While the humidity variations may have made for some difficult hatching, all those not damaged by the broody's total incompetance have been hatching.

    I made a separate hatcher to prevent throwing huge amounts of moisture (because huge swings can happen if a bunch go at once) on those not ready to hatch. It's not the best choice to stagger but you can make the most of it.

    I have staggered in the same bator but it does produce poorer results for the second hatch.
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    I had dud eggs in the bator for 28 days without problem. Well other than the fact that they didn't hatch...grrr.

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