First time hatching in incubator! 1sr of 7 eggs hatched Yesterday!


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Problem is I had to remove the chick a minute ago. It was pecking the other eggs that are starting to hatch and also was moving the eggs around. I felt this was not good so went ahead and placed it in the prepared place with food and water. Did I do the right thing?
I'm sure that chick will be okay. They do say not to open the incubator, mainly because of the moisture. When more chicks start hatching the eggs will get rolled around a lot, you can't worry about it. I've never had one pecking at the other eggs that are hatching.
I am doing my first hatch as well but I believe what I have read on here is as long as the chick is dry... as long as the brooder is warm enough should be okay. I think the concern is keeping the incubator open while other eggs are hatching and having dropped humidity... so as long as you were quick, I would think you were safe.
I have come home to another one hatched and two more peeped. I did place ahot paper towel and water in the wells quickly after removal of the first chick. This one was trying to hatch and the first one was pecking where it was trying to come out. This is why I removed it. It is doing well. Do I have to do this each time they hatch? None are hatching at the same time and all where placed in and layed the same day.
Most people don't remove them till they are all hatched I'm not sure about the pecking the other egg hope someone else can answer that but congrats on the hatch's so far!
how long can they stay in the incubator without food and water? I have three more in there this morning. I think the first chick was a little aggressive. she is doing great!
I have 3 eggs unhatched and 3 chicks in incubator. One is in the brooder and doing well! My nerves are starting to calm down but I just had to leave yesterday and let nature take place.

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