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    I have a little giant still air incubator that started with 6 eggs. It is now day 23, and as of last night I have 3 chicks hatched, and 3 eggs with no pipping yet. I am trying to keep the chicks in the incubator till they all hatch/dry. I am wondering what the optimum temp would be in this incubator for both the already hatched chicks, and the unhatched eggs with the thermal sensor on the floor of the incubator? I had it at 99.5 - 100.5 while in the turner with the sensor on top of the eggs, and once I removed the turner on night 18 I set it to 102 with the sensor on top of the eggs.
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    The still air bators should be ran at 101-102 during the entire hatch. (Regardless of manufacture info.) I don't know why the manufacture info still suggests 99.5 for still air bators when the recommendation for still air bators is 102. Once they hatch they can remain in the bator at the hatching temp for up to 3 days. (I don't leave my chicks in the bator. I remove once I have a break in the hatching and put them in the brooder.) If you don't have any eggs pipping and your brooder is warmed up, you can always move them. Some people will not move chicks until the hatch is complete, then there are those of us that prefer the chicks be moved to the brooder. Do what is comfortable for you.
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