First time incubating-got twins!


9 Years
Sep 29, 2010
Bucks County, PA
I set 41 eggs 3 weeks ago Monday at 4:30 pm in a still air incubator. Had a party yesterday and wanted some chick action for entertainment. Being its my first time and all I was a little worried that it wouldn't work out. I definitely saw 6 or 7 live embryos when I candled at one week. Unfortunately I had a bunch of eggs I couldn't see through, they just looked see through at the bottom and farther from the light an opaque mass. They are a variety of shell colors, so that might be why some were harder to see. I wasn't sure what the cloudy eggs meant but I left them be.

I first heard chicks chirping Sunday night, so I knew I had at least one chick that should make it. By midday Monday I had 4 pipping. 5 had hatched by 11pm and another 3 hatched overnight. This morning I quickly took out the dry chicks and spent eggs. At least 3 or 4 more are pipping now.

Here's the curious part. I had 7 numbered broken egg shells and 8 chicks. I counted and recounted the chicks and counted and recounted the remaining eggs and I still have 34 unhatched eggs. That means one that hatched must be twins, but I'm not noticing any smaller/weaker chicks and I didn't place any unusually shaped/sized eggs in the incubator, so I'm a little surprised. I know twins have a higher mortality rate, so I'll keep an eye out. Never expected to get twins!!!

The chicks are a barnyard assortment with EE and Marans roos over mostly Welsummer, Marans, and EE chicks. I'm going for dark brown, green, and olive eggs. Threw in a few eggs from the Speckled Sussex, Australorp, Barred Rocks, and Dominiques just for fun.

I'm curious to see how the rest of the hatch finishes up too. I can see how incubating/hatching could become addictive!
I'm assuming that the "twins" may have been fertilized by different roos. I have one chick that looks like its not getting up on its feet the way the others are, more sitting on its haunches. I'm wondering if it is one of the twins and didn't grow right from the space/positioning restrictions of being a twin. This particular chick is the only one with black legs, so at first I wasn't considering it as a possible twin because it looks different from the rest.

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