first time incubating


7 Years
Feb 23, 2016
Hi! Three days ago I put 17 eggs in the bator, so far so go I candle them at least once every other day, and I numbered them all. Today I added some more eggs. So now I have 37! They are all from my hens. I have two barred rock hens , one red mix , two brown hens " I don't know the breed " and two light Brahma hens. I have four roosters a barred rock who is the boss of all the chickens, two silver laced wyandottes , and a red mix rooster/hen "pretty sure it's a roo but he acts like a hen "
you can kinda see the embryo
Any advice? Or important info to add? I can use all the help I can get because this is my first attempt at using an incubator.
My advice is to read the hatching 101 article on this site written by @Sally Sunshine. It is the most comprehensive hatching guide I've seen. I read through it with every hatch, which is about for to times just this year! I learn something new every time. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.
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