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Apr 1, 2019
Reaching out on this forum because it’s not an emergency. As you may know I am new to owning chickens and they are starting to lay. Today I found a giant egg in comparison to the fairly small ones I’ve been finding. Inside was a double yolk and what looked to be a blood clot. I’ve posted pictures to show you. Is this because they are just starting to lay? Should I be concerned? Let me know!



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I have a rooster who was mating frequently with a few of the hens. So maybe it was just fertilized ?
It is mostly that they just started laying. Double yolks are common in young pullets.
Fertilization doesn't have anything to do with it.
When a cockerel mates with a pullet, there is no penetration so no internal damage done.
Blood in the egg can be from many circumstances and isn't that uncommon. They'll figure it out.
I honestly wouldn't worry unless you have a pullet consistently laying bloody eggs. When they first start laying they can have all sorts of glitches until they get it figured out. I've had more weird eggs over the years than I can count. It's taught me to be patient with my girls, and to always crack my eggs one at a time in a separate bowl. :sick:D
This is odd...almost looks like a large 'white' deflated yolk.
Ovary glitch for sure...funky follicle came loose along with the 2 other yolks released.
Have seen a couple posts recently where entire follicle released looking like a yolk covered in veins.


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