First time laying issues

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    Hi all! I'm new to chicken keeping and 1 of my 3... 24 week old hens just layed her first egg. Actually she's already layed two eggs. Now another hen is acting like she's about to lay, she cackles a lot, is constantly going in and out of coop and scratches around in coop. She'll sit in coop for an hour scratching but then comes out distressed and cackling really loud, which causes the rest of the flock to join in with her, but she doesnt seem to be able to lay. The other day I saw her walking around and the egg was literally protruding from her vent... But went back in, seriously I saw it with my own eyes. She's eating and active but to be honest I'm not sure if she's pooping ok. I'm not sure why she's not able to lay. It's been two days of this behavior. My other hen that has already layed, displayed same behavior but layed the same day that the behavior started and all was well. Not sure if I should be doing something for her to make the process easier. Anyone else go through a similiar situation with a first time layer?
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    Welcome! First, are there diet issues? A good all- flock feed like Flock Raiser, with oyster shell on the side, or starting a good layer feed, with fresh dating. Without a lot of treats, scratch, or scraps, so the mineral balance is correct. Then, is she eating and drinking well, or acting distresses in any way? Then, will some lubrication (vasoline, mineral oil) help her pass this egg? Mary
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    I would isolate her in a cage to keep an eye on her eating, drinking, pooping.
    Examine her vent and abdomen closely.
    Maybe put her in a warm 'egg bound'.

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