First time letting Tom out....any suggestions?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by GobbleGobbleBaaak, Sep 29, 2011.

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    Sep 28, 2011
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    We have to move our Turkey's to the back yard where we have built new pens etc. Until now, they've all lived in the front yard, the 2 Toms in each of their own pens and the hens separately (in the middle). We've had a LOT of rain here in Northern VA recently and it's really made the Turkey pens "stink" to say the least....and so we have no choice but to move them all, to clean up the areas they have been (we have tried moving the pens, only to have more areas get muddy and stinky etc. etc). This is our first year with Turkey's and we still have a lot to learn to say the least.

    Now for my question - I was planning on letting the 1 Tom out, as he seems friendly and I doubt he would give me any problems. There are 3 ducks in the front yard as well. The ducks often go around the Turkey pens and even sleep near them, so I don't think there would be a problem but then again, ya never know! Should I be worried about the Tom going after the Ducks? Would he try to leave or most likely stay in the yard? (he's been always fed in his pen and doesn't seem like he even cares to come out actually). I really would like to have our Turkey's free range and only put them in their new pens at night for their safety.

    I guess I'm a little worried about this Tom's first outing and I myself am a little nervous around the boys but they will all need to be moved sooner, rather than later. Any suggestions for a smooth transition would be greatly appreciated!
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    My Tom was a total sweetheart and seemed more interested in socializing with people than with birds. I wasn't even sure if he knew how to mate since he looked so awkward, but I have since hatched out some of his children. Once he tried to get on top of a drake that was mounting a duck but it was all more comical than aggressive (not so sure the hapless runner duck on the bottom would agree). Tom and my Muscocy drake might have gotten in a beef once but nobody witnessed it-I just came home one day and they each were a bit bloody.

    I have heard of Toms killing other birds though so just keep an eye out. Better safe than sorry.

    And I have to agree with you-all this rain does nothing for a fragrant yard when you have turkeys! (I'm under 15 minutes from the Loudon County VA line, near Harpers Ferry).
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    I have 7 turkeys free ranging with geese, ducks, and chickens, and far from bothering them, the turkeys protect them. I guess they consider their waterfowl companions part of their flock, so if the dog, one of the cats, or anything else gets too close to them, the turkeys "take care of the light work"! The dogs and cats have learned to give all things turkey a wide berth!
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