First time outdoors and I've noticed a possible issue :(


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May 9, 2011
Hey all, I just took our ducklings outside for their first great adventure and it was sooo cute! They both seemed rather confused at first but after about 15 mins they figured it out and started to explore. They even followed me around which I was surprised to see. I didnt think they would do that to be honest since they never seem very interested in us while inside. But, I do have a quick question. Our ducklings didnt take long to discover our never ending supply of dandelion's and started to make short work of them. The question/problem is that they seem to enjoy the yellow tops more then anything else. This worries me because I think I remember reading that the tops arent good for them. Am I correct or can they eat the entire plant? Our ducklings are estimated to be around 3 to 4 weeks old. Also, I think I may have a Niacin issue. Our Black runner Lewie will run around for a bit and then his poor legs get wobbly and he tips backwards. He'll lay there for a few minutes, as if to rest, and then get up and run around again. Howard seems to have no issues at all and is active almost the entire time we were outside. Any idea's and pointers?

Thanks everyone.
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Some of my Runners will go through a stage of wobbling legs at around that age. It will go away again as quickly as it appeared without treatment. If you are worried - you could try adding some vitamins to the water for the next few weeks- or specifically add niacin- but if they are now going outside to forage- they will be getting more of the dietary requirements while foraging.
I think it'd be fine for them to eat the whole dandelion - leaves and flowers

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