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Sep 5, 2010
OK so I bought my incubator yesterday. I purchased the Brower Top Hatch, and got it all set up and running. I'm hoping to get my eggs wednesday or thursday so I started running the bator to get ready for them. I have it set at 99.5 and it seems to be staying constant. I put in in a small room with no windows that always stays the same temp. I want to make sure I have everything right so I have a few questions.

1. When do I add the water to the incubator?

2. Do I need to buy a better thermometer and hygrometer for the incubator or is the stock one ok?

3. The glass gets fogged up so do I open it each time to check the temp?

4. Do I base the expected hatch time off of the day I put them in the incubator?

5. If I buy a better thermometer and hygrometer, which should I get and where do I put them?

Sorry for sounding so dumb but I wanna make sure I know what I'm doing so I don't lose all $80 worth of my future chicks. LOL!


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1. You add water if the humidity goes below 35%

2. Stock one is OK but you can buy a cheap one at walmart or radio shack

3. Normally if the glass is fogged up there is too much humidty... (but not always, use a hygrometer)

4. 21 days from the time you put the eggs in the bator.

5. I'm not familiare with the Top Hatch...sorry I can't answer that question



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Jul 17, 2010
When I set my incubator up, I put the water in right away, along with a cheap $6 humidity/temp reader from Walmart. That way, when I put the eggs in every things set to go. I also always keep my humidity at 50-55% and on lock down go up to 65% for chickens. I would highly suggest getting the cheap humidity ready because, in my opinion, that is one of the most important thing to keep track of, along with the temp. Does your top hatch have a circulating fan. I use still airs and if it is a still air raise the temp to 102* , Hatch is 21 days after you put them in. Lock down and bump up humidity on day 18. I put my thermometer that came with the incubator right on top of the eggs. And them my humidity reader off to the side. I know some people say not to put the thermometer on the eggs, but to be honest with you, I've always had great hatch rates. I average at least 95% on everything that's fertile, if not more. Good luck, make sure to post lots of pics

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