First time raising turkeys looking for advice

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Chickenlady29, Feb 24, 2017.

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    A week ago today I bought two turkey poults from rural king. They are brod breasted white and I am new to turkeys but wanted to make sure they are growing and healthy and get a better idea of there age. I weighed them each today and one was 5.2 oz and the other was 5.8 oz. Anyone raise them on here?[​IMG]
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    Apparently no one raises broad breasted. I have heritage breeds, so I'm unfamiliar with the broad breasted varieties. I would assume they grow twice as fast and from what I read they can end up with leg problems. I do know they shouldn't roost more than a few inches off the ground. They also have a shorter lifespan due to the stress of their weight on the heart, so they are best kept for butchering.

    They look healthy and are probably around 1-2 weeks of age.
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    We raised a batch of BB Whites this past year and can give you a quick synopsis of our experience.

    In the first month each bird ate an over all average of .23 Lb. of feed per day.
    Weeks five and six, each bird ate an average of .53 Lb. per day
    During week seven, each bird ate an average of .71 lb. per day
    Week eight equaled .86 lb. per day
    Weeks nine and ten. At this point there is a substantial difference in feed consumption hens vs. toms over all av. = 1.25 Lb. per day
    Weeks eleven and twelve = overall av. of 1.43 Lb. per day
    Weeks thirteen and fourteen N/A
    We butchered in the 15th week.

    Dressed weights as follows:
    17.98 lb.
    20.74 lb.
    29.05 lb.
    29.25 lb.
    30.20 lb. (There is a photograph of this big boy freezer ready in an earlier post of mine.)

    Over all feed Conversion = 3.14 lbs. of feed per 1 lb. dressed weight.

    Birds were fed inside the coop and watered outside starting around five weeks. The birds were held in the coop at night and allowed to roam their own pen daytimes. (This was due to the prevalence of predators in our area.)
    There are no roosts in the pen and we experienced zero leg problems.

    I ordered this year's BB poults for later delivery two days ago.
    The only difference from last year to this is that we will be butchering around 12 weeks as we prefer birds around 12 to 16 pounds.
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