First time with a broody hen and fertilized eggs questions

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    Feb 18, 2018
    My Australorp went broody for the first time. How are they with hatching eggs? Will she stay put? Do you have to put food and water right near by the hen when broody or will she on occasion hop down and get food and water? She is sitting in a nest box inside the coop....there 4 other hens and a rooster. Do I need to separate her? Will other hens or a rooster kill newly hatched chicks? Thank you.
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    Sep 1, 2017
    Hi, I’ve had lots of experience with broody hens and I also have an australorp. You should seperate the broody hen from the rest of the flock to an adequate area for her to hatch and raise chicks and still be able to eat and drink and exercise. How long has she been broody for? If she has been broody from today, wait about 3 days and if she is still on, she is serious. She will get out of the nest about 1-2 times a day to eat and drink so no need to put it right next to her. Other hens and roosters may kill the chicks depending on the individual, better safe than sorry! :hugs:)
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    My australorp broody hatched and raised chicks on her own. I didn't separate her until chicks were in the picture and I thought she had to work too hard to keep others away, a few days into chicks. Then I just closed off the coop she chose, with run attached, which was adjacent to everyone else. It worked perfectly.
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