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8 Years
Aug 4, 2011
So i have this White Crested Polish Roo that is 1 year old and as Beautiful as can be! I have been wanting to show hims soooo stinking bad but I can't figure out if there are standards and i can't figure out when the next Utah show is...can you all help me?!?!!? This is him below! I need all the critacism and knowledge i can get! Please point out what looks good and bad on him please!! THANK YOU (in advance!)!!

His head feathers are still growing in from him getting picked on but other than that his feathers are perfect!
Sorry the this one is a little small!
Of course there are standards. If there were no standards how could they be judged. As to your desire to show your bird I'll just say you may not be pleased with the result.

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