First timer.. bought an lg and turner.. made my own fan.. any advice?

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by TyrannosaurusChix, Jul 17, 2010.

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    Jul 13, 2010
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    i was originally going to make my own( still am) but the major drawback of my personality is i bought an incubator and egg turner from TSC.. asked about the fan kit.. they told me it would be at least anotehr 45.. ( more than each of the two i was already purchasing).. i stopped at radio shack and got a very small 12vdc fan for 12.99 .. the guy tried to sell me what he thought "wouldnt burn up" the fan for a wall adapter( for $26!!). i looked a thenumbers and said no thanks, i hae a drawer full of those at home! went home, made slice-n-dice wires( dont worry... i pretend to be an electrician sometimes LOL), hung it inside and it works like a charm!

    ive been running it for two days to get everything how i want it, and i think im going to be dropping eggs into it today. im just going to gather eggs from the chickens( have been for two days now and had them on the counter in an air conditioned kitchen) and see what "pops up" in a few days.

    Im nervous, a little scared, and had an awful dream last night.. something about how i made my own incubator and put in like hundreds of eggs and then all of a sudden the chicks were alive and running all around and i was trying to gather them and as usual.. husband not helping LOL..

    any cure for that? ahh,, well.. i didnt suspect there was!

    So, any advice or temps/humidity settings you think to be that sweet spot or works well for you? right now ive geared the bator for99.5-100.5 between three therms and humidiity last time i checked( i made the mistake of putting too much water in 2 days ago!) is now at about 57- maybe 56.

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    hi not sure how much help i'll be but it sounds like you are doing alright the temp should be good i would try and get the humidity down some more but other than that all sounds good to me. i built my incubator and try to keep the temps at 99 ( mine varies but averages about 99) and the humidity the first 18 days around 35-40 % then up to 65% the last few days. good luck and post some pics if you can [​IMG]
    don't know what to tell you about the dreams they kind of increase in weirdness with the amount of stress so i guess that they can only get worse from here [​IMG] cause if you are anything like me the farther in the incubation process you are the more you stress. [​IMG]

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