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    Nov 20, 2012
    Elizabeth Colorado
    Someone please give me a crash course...I am not finding super consistent info...

    I have a still air incubator without an egg turner...I know I should be turning at least 3 times a day...always an odd number....

    do I let the eggs sit out 1 or 2 days before putting them in?

    Temp at the top of the eggs should be? I have seen varying answers from 99-101...

    Do I stop turning at day 17 or day 18???

    its 21 or so days later that they hatch, correct?

    What is peeping? Is it when the chicks start peeping inside the egg?

    How long after that before hatching starts?

    Average time it should take for the chicks to come out completely?

    Should I help them past a certain length of time?

    oh also, I only have 2 hens laying right now and 1 rooster (they are about 9.5 months old)....I am only getting 2 eggs a day, is it ok to date them as they go in and have a series of eggs in the have all the eggs from 5 days go in and then hatching in succession...I assume this is ok but wanted to be sure

    My rooster is my Americauna and then I have a Cinnamon Queen and a Red Star...will all the babies be considered Easter Eggers???

    Thank you!!! <3
  2. sunny & the 5 egg layers

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    Mar 29, 2011
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    Okay for still air incubators (see instructions first) i do 99.5 F Make sure to measure humidity as well. Humidity i keep between 35 and 45.
    Turn eggs 3 times daily (or buy an egg turner)
    Stop turning on day 18 (same time of day that you put eggs in the incubator)
    It takes About 21 days to hatch.
    when a chick internally pips it gets into it's aircell, When it "pips" it has started to break out of the egg (made a small hole)
    From pip to out of shell can take 1 minute to 12+ hours. It depends on the chick
    NEVER help a chick out of it's shell. If you do you will likely kill it or injure it. If it cannot get out of it's shell there is likely something wrong with the chick.
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    Sounds like they have you covered! [​IMG] come over and say hello a bunch of us have eggs in...... and we have serama in this week and adding a bunch of others next week too!! we are on thread ya all are welcome to come say hello and join us! Plus most info from the thread is saved in an article at ALOT of INFO in the ARTICLE!!! its alot easier than reading the entire thread! LOL
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  5. AlivianAcres

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    Nov 20, 2012
    Elizabeth Colorado
    Thanks for the great answers! I can NOT wait to get started!!![​IMG][​IMG]
  6. stevetone

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    I would just add that where you measure the temperature is important in a still air incubator. Most measure at the top of the egg, which would be the warmest part in most incubator setups. The bottom of the egg may be as much as 1-3 F cooler than the top.

    I have used 101 F in a still-air incubator with success, measured at the top surface of the egg.

    99.5 F is the usual recommendation for a fan-circulated incubator. If you use 99.5 at the top of the egg in a still-air incubator, the egg will likely be too cold for optimum development.

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