First timer - Raising meat birds - Questions


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May 29, 2014
I ordered 25 Freedom Rangers that are due June 10th. This gives me time to build a coop for them. I looked at various tractor coops and thought a 10 x 10 x 2 coop would work for 25 birds.

My question is how do you keep the birds healthy without having them vaccinated?

My current egg layer flock picked up coccidiosis from the soil and I was able to treat them with medication because they weren't laying yet, so I wasn't too concerned about the chemicals. But I want to keep my meat birds "clean".

Does anyone have suggestions on coop style or chicken health? All advice is welcome.
Have you researched the medicated feed? Do you know how amprollium works or are you just knee-jerking at the word "medicated"? I'd say research it and make an informed decision. If you've had cocci before, sounds like you're going to have to either vaccinate or medicate.

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