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    May 23, 2016
    Hello everyone I just recently joined this site and Thursday my cousin will be handing over some new chicks who are hatching as I write this, he is giving me "everything I need" minus food what are some things I should watch out for? Also I have kids who I know will want to play with them and cuddle like kids do please any tips will help I am a little hesitant about letting the kids play or hold them while they are so young? Would you advise against it?
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    Welcome to BYC [​IMG] With everything you need, does that include a brooder that is spacious enough for them for about 6 weeks, a heat source to keep them warm enough, food and water bowls, bedding materials for the brooder? Instead of writing you a lengthy post with tips and advice, here are some articles on raising chicks with the most important information, do's and don'ts:

    How To Raise Baby Chicks
    Raising Your Baby Chicks
    How To Socialize Baby Chickens
    How To Raise a Chicken As a Family Pet

    Regarding letting the kids handle the chicks. Sure, they can! Just warn them to be very gentle and careful with them. Enjoy your chicks!

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