First try at incubating


5 Years
Mar 7, 2014
Hello everyone. Decided to build an incubator and give hatching a try. A friend gave me some EE and game fowl eggs. I have a couple of questions.

Should my probe for my thermostat be reading the temp inside of my water weasel or air temp in the bator? Seems inside the eeasel would give a better indication of what temps the eggs are but I'm unsure.

Also does this egg look fertile/ok?

Any comments, suggestions or criticsms welcome. Thanks!
I'm still new at this too but...

First question, I believe you want to know what the temps are in the incubator itself, I've seen where people put the probe on the egg shell to get the temp of the egg itself.

Fertile egg? What day of incubation are you on? Looks fertile and good to me if its early in the incubation but if you are at say day 15 it could be a quitter(dead)

That is one heck of a set up you have, makes my home made one look like a child put it together, LOL.
Thanks for the response Dcat!

I'm only on day 2. I was just asking if the egg looked fertile/good for incubation. I really appreciate your reply.

Thanks again! I did a lot of research before building it. Its my first time wiring relays, switches, etc. I'm happy with how it turned out. Again...thanks for replying.
I meant to just say looks good, there are only two ways I know of to know if its fertile, 1-break it open and look for the bulls eye, 2- wait 7-10 days after incubation and candle to look for the dark spot, but the egg itself looks great.

You're very welcome. It almost makes me want to rebuild mine it looks so good. Just remember patience, especially near the end.
Thank you! Yeah I just made sure I bought the F version. I almost bought the C therm too but saw this one at the last minute. If you don't mind me asking what are the temp swings, if any, in your incubator?

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