First winter with my flock, want to make sure this is sufficient ventilation :)


Jun 20, 2018
Rock Creek, BC, Canada
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Inside demensions of the coop are about 50”X50” and 6’ in height. Ventilation is the eaves of the roof. Nothing is sealed up super tight, (as far as the plywood sheeting goes) window is shut for the winter obviously.
The eave openings are about 8”x 48”.
Is this too much? Too little? Are the perches up too high?
Average winter temps here are -10 to -15c but we do have dips down to -30c.
Want to make sure my flock will be setup for the cold as best as I can! Thanks :)


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chicken danz

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May 20, 2010
Make sure the north side is fairly closed up to prevent really cold wind coming in but leave the vents open otherwise. One consideration is that chickens are more likely to get bumble foot from high perches. A good layer of shavings on the floor will help them stay warm as well. Most important make sure they have water. You need to provide a frost proof source of water if you can. I do recommend you keep it outside though if you let them out during the day. I use heated dog water bowls for my birds which kick on automatically at 34 degrees. They do make heated waterers but they are very pricey.
What kind of siding is on the coop? is it something the ermines can climb up on? If not you should be good. If they can climb it you might want to reinforce the vents with heavy wire on top of the chicken wire.

Folly's place

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Sep 13, 2011
southern Michigan
The ventilation looks good, and I agree about the chicken wire not being adequate. Add 1/" hardware cloth over all openings larger that 1/2" diameter! Mine is stapled into the wood framing with fence staples, and then 1x4" boards are screwed in over the top. Security!!!
Have the north side closed in; you can use plastic sheeting, and remove it in spring.
Deep shavings work well for bedding, and your roosts look good to me.
Either take fresh water out there three times daily, or have electricity for heated waterer bases, or waterers of some sort.
Dog dishes work great, except for roosters with large wattles, which will get wet and maybe freeze. One reason that I like Chanteclers!

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