Fisher attack


9 Years
Apr 22, 2011
We lost three chickens to a fisher last night. It tore fencing right out from the ground in the fully wire-enclosed run...ripped through logs that was securing the wire in the ground, too. We found the entry point and two other spots it tried to use to get in. Relentless.
We have a solid structure to close the chickens in at night, so this shouldn't happen long as it doesn't come back during the day...fingers crossed.

That said...has anybody had any success trapping a fisher? What type of trap did you use? What did you use for bait?

I've seen (and heard...creepy!) this guy/gal...just want to take it far far away from my little house in the woods...
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My mom is having the same problem right now....and it's during the day! It fatally injured a young Tom turkey, took 3 guineas, maimed 3 ducks, and a chicken is missing....the problem is it seems to keep coming back. I've read that these guys are that true? Do you really have to call the game commission?
Yes Fishers are protected but by calling Dept. of Fish & Wildlife (your state may call it different) they can normally set you up with the trap and then come pick it up for a release when full. Sometimes they will allow you to eliminate the animal.

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