Fitting Hardware cloth to screen frames?


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Hello! I just got some double hung windows from Craig's List and want to use them for my coop. They have original screens with them. (I think they are Hansen Windows) I would like to remove the original screens and use 1/2 half inch hardware cloth instead for the original screen material is). The original screen is whimpy home screen. Any advise would be appreciated.
You could make frame out of wood to fit snuggly within the window, use 1x2's or something smaller, then use a staple gun to attach the hardware cloth to the wood frame. Then you'd need to find some way to fix it into place within the window. Usually window frames will have a lip that holds the screen frames from falling out. Work with that and maybe attach 2 wooden strips to the coop wall across the new frame to keep it from falling out. You'll want to make it removeable though, so you can close up the windows in cold weather.

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Are the windows conventional single or double hung? Slide up and down?

Then what I'd do is put them in the coop as is, with the screens intact. Then, on the outside of the coop, I'd build a wood frame around the window on the exterior coop wall and attach my hardware cloth to this wood in the usual way (screws and washers are very secure). Either that, or you could attach the hardware cloth to the exterior wal of the coop and put the wood frame or sill over the hardware cloth. It would look better and more finished that way, and also be very secure.

You'll be able to open and close the window as usual from the inside of the coop. The screen will keep out mosquitoes!
Hubby framed a small rectangle which we covered with hardware cloth that we mounted to the interior of our coop on the bottom of the windows where the screens were. We put them on the interior because it's very humid here in East Texas, and I didn't want to mount them to the outside and chance the trim rotting away.

Here are some pictures:


We put ours on hinges so we could easily open and close the windows.
Excellent. That is exactly what I am planning for the three windows in my coop. It will also keep my smaller birds out of the window sill.

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