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Are there five toed chicken breeds other than the Dorking? If so, do they have grey/slate colored legs? I have this rather oddly colored hen with five toes, grey legs, red ears, small single comb & a reddish/grey penciling all over. She probably weighs between 5-7lbs. Any ideas?
Silkies have five toes and dark skin, you probably have a silkie cross of some sort. Other than silkies, there's the Dorkings which you mention, the Houdan and....hmm. There's surely at least one more but it's escaping me.
In addition to the breeds already noted, Houdans and Sultans also have 5 toes. They are pretty distinguishable from other chickens, though.
Well, she's definately not a silky cross. She is feathered like an EE, minus the beard, but with the body of a Orpington. As I said before in another post, she came from my late grandpa who was an avid rare breed collector. I can't recall ever seeing this coloring in any breed I know of. I would post a pic, but the forum won't let me yet. I'm stumped!
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Her coloring is similar to a blue laced red wyandotte, but less bright. The colors are a bit lighter.
First generation Silkie crosses, the most likely to retain the five toes and dark shanks, do not have silkied feathers. They would have regular feathers, perhaps like an EE or any other bird.

If indeed a silkie was involved in the cross, the other bird would have to have a single comb, probably larger size.

Do you have a photo? That would be most helpful!
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I would love to post a pic, but sadly i haven't been able to figure that one out yet. I'm extremely new to this thing lol.

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