Flameless candle for coop?


Jul 24, 2020
Hi! We have four chickens, about 22 weeks old, none have laid eggs yet. ISA Brown, Black Asian, Barred Rock, and California White. We live in Missouri, it gets dark about 5:30pm. Sun rises about 7:15am. I hear chicken need 14 hours of daylight to have a good production of eggs. It is suggested to put a light in the coop to make it lighter longer. We have about a 16 sq foot coop (inside). We put a flameless candle on a timer in there to go off about 9:30. My question is, is that adequate lighting to make them think it’s not time to go to bed and to get their production going? We thought about a solar panel with bulb inside the coop...but if the candle idea works, then that’s pretty easy. I just am not sure it will be enough to trick them. I mean, nice ambiance and everything, but we’re looking forward to eggs. Which, by the way, am I wrong to think they should be laying any day?


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First year pullets usually lay through winter anyway. You generally want to put the supplemental lighting in the morning for them to wake up earlier so that it doesn't mess up their natural roosting behavior when they go to bed at night. I see no reason why the candle wouldn't work as long as it is bright.

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