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  1. I am having a massive fly problem. I have bought many fly paper traps and a couple waterbag traps from my local feed store but have not made a dent in the swarm. I bought a nontoxic bug spray that was made of peppermint oil, cinnimon oil, sesame oil and wintergreen oil. WHAT A WASTE OF $6.50!! Is there any other chicken safe bug killer I can use around my coop? Neighbors are totally cool about the noise and occasional smell of our chickens, but I am afraid swarms of flies might make them start to complain (rightfully) about them. I keep my coop VERY clean and have a deep litter system with about 8 inches of pine pellets and shavings mixed. Any sugestions will be appreciated.

  2. Get a product called Quick Strike. It will fill up a five gallon bucket full of dead flies in about a day.
  3. is it a spray? wont harm chickens?
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  4. Not if the chickens are prevented from gaining access to it.... Its a plastic strip that you hang on the wall, just put some wire mesh around it to keep the birds from pecking at it.
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    They're no-pest strips (dichlorovos). Hang high or cage so that birds can't peck them. Keep chicks indoors a few days to saturate the air space in the coop to create a refuge for your birds. Meanwhile, empty all water containers outdoors and keep bird water very clean. Mow grasses as much as possible near coops. Treat bedding with food-grade DE and use the same powder in the run so birds can bathe and coat themselves with the powder.

    I hardly see flies in the barn or coop and we have a horse.
  6. Is it a repellant or pesticide? I will look for them...willing to try anything! Even exorcism... I just need an old priest and a young priest! LOL!
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  7. I bought 2 water traps that have a tube inside the bag that you break open when you add the water and smells like a dead body. It's not really working and would love to find something that doesn't stink so bad.

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    Quote:OMG I bought those too and personally I think it brought flies from across the US!! It definately catches them but its nothing more than trading the fly problem for an odor problem. They smell like dead skunks on a 100 degree day!! [​IMG]
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    What happens if the chickens eat the flies that die? Or do the flies stick to the strip?
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    do you have DE [food grade diamatious earth] mixed into your bedding? I found that helped a lot last year

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