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Jun 28, 2016
Does the float test really work?? I started with 53 Quail eggs and Wednesday was lock down day 14. on Friday day 16 they started hatching and by noon on Sunday I had 35 hatch then nothing for the last 26 hours. I did a float test on the remaining 18 eggs and they all floated like they were suppose to. Only about 1/4 of the egg sticking out of the water. This is my first time raising quail and then hatching out eggs and everything is going great so THANK YOU to everyone who posts on BYC. 99% of what i know i learned from reading your advice.
They will float if they have lost enough moisture. If they haven't, they'll sink. It doesn't tell you if they are viable.
If they are wriggling, there is an active embryo.
Today is day 19 so i will leave them in the incubator for another day and see what happens. they are Coturnix Quail so now I'm wondering how long to leave them before i give up on them.
You may not be able to candle them. If they don't leak or stink, I leave eggs for a few days after they are due ever since I opened a chicken egg on day 24 and there was a live embryo about to hatch.

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