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    Oct 31, 2008
    I have birds due tomaro but I don't think any are good(the clear spcae looks too-big at candle).. so I did the float test... 4 sank, 4 floated... which ones are good??
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    The float test is used to tell which eggs are still good to eat. If they float they are no good. If they sink they are good to eat. I would say if they float they must have an air cell working, so they might hatch. How long have the eggs been in the incubator? Any egg that has started to incubate should float. That is after 7 days at temp.
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    Apr 14, 2008
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    They should float and bobble around if there is a living chick. Make sure water is still, watch the egg for 10 seconds or so, the egg should start dancing.
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    Dec 3, 2008
    Quote:I have one egg remaining after everyone hatched. Today is day 23. If I float - should that be in 99.5 degree water? If it dances, should I just dry it out and put it back?
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    The float test should not be done until after 21 days, after the hatch is assumed complete, to see if there is a life chick inside.

    During lockdown (day 18 - 21) the eggs should be left inside the incubator, undisturbed. Opening the incubator can kill the chicks at this time. The humidity needs to stay elevated (65% or so) during this time. A chick can die in as little as one minute, when the bator is opened and the humidity plummets.

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