Flock aggression toward one hen

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  1. JudyRunRooster

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    Mar 24, 2012
    I have a mixed breed flock of 15 hens. For a month or so now I have noticed mild aggression by the rest of the flock toward one barred rock. The last day or two the aggression has become much more pronounced. Today I isolated the hen which has had feathers pecked and I suspect been pushed around aggressively for some time. When I picked her up I noticed she was very thin. I suspect the flock has kept her from food and water with their aggressive action. I will keep her isolated with her own food and water for a while. My question is what causes this sudden flock behavior and what can I do about it? Will this outcast recover and be able to rejoin the flock?
  2. enola

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    When I notice hens becoming aggressive I catch them and put hen peepers on them. That takes the aggression away quickly. They can still see to eat drink and walk around. They just can't see well enough to chase any body.
  3. simplepleasures

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    Aug 29, 2013
    Gold Coast, Australia
    I have noticed this with mine recently too, they all got along great but one of them became unwell and I spent a lot more time watching them because of that. Now I see that they keep her away from food by pecking at her, I saw one grab her wing today as she went past to get to the food. She was also pushed off a pole she had got comfortable on yesterday. When I check the coop at night she is sitting on the ground and the others are all comfy elsewhere. She has also stopped laying.

    Not really sure what to do about it at the moment, wondering if it's the natural pecking order or more severe than that.

    Will keep an eye on this thread for any answers you get, good luck!
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    Nov 16, 2009
    NE Kansas
    I'm having the same problem right now. They have gone as far as kicking one hen out of the coop at night. The poor dear was sleeping out side in the cold. Not sure what to do. If I remove her will they just start picking on another or do I remove the biggest bully? This is the first time that I've had a flock that has done this. I have 12 mixed breed hens. 8 from last year and 4 new this spring. Last years hens are the aggressive ones.

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