Flock Block?

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  1. Saw a flock block at the local farm supply store, I was wondering if it would be something that I could put in with my chicks (3 weeks) so they have something to peck at besides the floor.

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    Hummmm....Never heard of it. Bump..
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    I wouldn't put it in if they are only 3 weeks old. Those flock blocks are formulated for older chicks/grown chickens. And I don't know what's really in the flock block but I would guess some stuff you find in scratch, like corn and other grains. That would mean that you would have to give them grit.
    I would hold off until they are older, at 3 weeks all they need is their start&grow.
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    I agree, the flock blocks are made for chickens 5 months old and older. Great as winter treats if you keep your chickens in the chicken house in bad weather like we do, gives them something to peck on besides each other. Not good for young chicks though.
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    I agree thats a bit young but I do know my chickens love those!!!
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    I don't see any issue with it, as long as you feed them grit too. I give my chicks all sorts of things, scratch and veggies included, from day one, and feed them fine gravel from my yard for grit. Those blocks seem to me to be basically scratch feed compressed into a block with some additives maybe...years ago, I raised chickens from start to finish on nothing but scratch. I got some chicks as a kid, then my parents took me to the feed store and asked the man there what we should feed the chicks, since we did not know...he sold us a bag of "chicken food" (aka scratch) and that is all they ever ate. No fancy layer food, and they laid big, often double yolk eggs daily, more eggs than I knew what to do with!

    I don't know about giving the whole huge block to birds that young unless you think they can eat it all before they ruin it by sitting on it and pooping all over it, maybe break it into chunks or just scatter a few handfuls of some scratch or treats on the floor every day.
  7. I have been feeding them grit already plus the block contains grit. Its made by Purina and its called "Flock Block". It also contains grain products, molasses, and oyster shell flour.
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  8. Quote:I wasn't going to keep the whole block in there, I just thought I would put a chunk in there for a while as a treat and give them something to peck at besides each other.

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