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  1. Does anyone use a flock block ? I went to TSC today and got one , thought it would give the girls something to do so they wouldn"t get bored. I put it out in the run and I thought they were going to run over me before I could get out of the way. They were all over it , they loved it.[​IMG] Was just wondering about any other ideas someone might have to keep them from getting so bored.
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    Sep 15, 2010
    there is another thread here somewhere that has homemade recipees for flock block it seem quite popular
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    Sometimes when I am not free ranging my flock I dig up a square of sod and put it in the run. They love it! They munch all the grass.

    Then I take some chicken poo and fill the hole with that! (We live in the country obviously!)

    Yes we have tried flock block too- they liked it but since I remove all food at night it wasn't very convenient. I put an upside down bucket over it at night until it was gone- not very rodent proof.
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    So what exactly is flock block? ...grass?
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    i saw some at TSC today and wanted to buy it, but it turns out that they special ordered it for someone and it was not for sale. So...i had them order me one. my girls haven't had one yet. i don't know exactly what's in it since i've never bought one before, but i think certain grains and other chunky goodies....somebody else can answer the question better. but for those of you with experience with it.....what about squirrels? Do they eat the "tarnation" outta the Flock Block? that would aggravate me if they did! although we DO have an outside cat that has almost caught some squirrels on a few occasions! Go Oliver!!! AND today, the funniest thing happened! i was looking out my window at the girls, and my white EE was chasing a squirrel!!! [​IMG]
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    I have 4 pullets and a cockerel. They got a purina flock block for Christmas and it is already half gone. It did not slow up the egg laying so I am feeling pretty good about giving them something to do. There is no way you can make a homemade flock block so big and hard. I have already made small ones, but they are gone before the day is done.
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    Feb 25, 2010
    Leesburg, Ohio
    but what about squirrels though? i don't wanna buy one of these just to feed the squirrels.

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