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    This is a MULTIPLE ITEM AUCTION - Due to current limitations in the Buy/Sell/Auction System YOU DO NOT NEED to place a bid here to purchase any of these items. Please Private Message Me or email: [email protected] to begin & complete your purchase. If you DO bid on these items, you will still only be charged the amount listed as the Starting Price.

    Variety is the Spice of Life! My Chicken snacks & supplements offer balanced nutrition and are fun to eat. No added fillers, only natural preservatives and wholesome whole grains with a touch of natural sweetness to entice even the most finicky fowl. Feed once or twice weekly to stave off boredom & picking or to just spoil your chickens because you can!

    Try our cake mixes and make your own cake sizes for larger or small flocks or when your away from your chickens for a couple of days for a no-worry long weekend feeding option. A 2lb bag of Cake Mix fits perfectly into a Bundt pan and provides 10 chickens with everything they need for one full day.

    Each Cake Mix contains 2lbs of Whole Grains and for BYC Members each 2lb bag costs $4 (remember to give me your BYC username for verification if you send an email)
    1 Cake Mix can be shipped for $6
    2 - 10 Mixes can be shipped for $11
    Cake Mixes are DRY feed ingredients only.. no honey, molasses or gelatine is included. A recipe is in each bag to make your own.
    Payment Accepted through PayPal.com

    The following formulas are currently available:

    Chix Mix - Chickens love snacks too! Finding a balanced snack mix isn’t so easy, so I developed this blend of whole grains, greens & animal proteins to accommodate the needs of chickens AND their people! Feed once or twice weekly as part of their balanced diet. Also suitable to make into a cake for a long weekend feeding option while your on a quick trip!

    Contains: Wheat Berries, Whole Flax Seed, Course Cracked Corn, Field Peas, Alfalfa Pellets, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Fish Meal, Oat Groats, Granite Grit, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Honey, Diatomaceous Earth
    Nutritional Estimates: Crude Protein 16%, Crude Fat 8%, Crude Fiber 5%
    This product does NOT contain Oyster Shell for egg layers.

    Omega 3 Booster - Increasing the Omega 3 content of your eggs just got easier! This formula increases the healthy oils while staying within the normal crude fat & protein content of most complete bagged feed rations. Flax Seed & Fish Meal are the main Omega Boosters in this formula. Feed two to three times weekly as a snack. Improves feather shine & promotes healthy skin; eyes, combs & wattles. Includes Oyster Shell.

    Contains: Whole Flax Seeds, Wheat Berries, Oat Groats, Course Cracked Corn, Fish Meal, Alfalfa Pellets, Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Field Peas, Granite Grit, Oyster Shell, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Molasses, Diatomaceous Earth (Contains less than 10% Fish Meal and should not affect the taste of eggs)
    Nutritional Estimates: Crude Protein 18%, Crude Fat 14%, Crude Fiber 5%

    Protein/Moult Formula - Finally, a supplement that is perfect for the moulting (or molting) season! This formula is designed to supplement lost proteins used to create new feathers and to add a little extra energy & fat to their diets as they begin entering into the cold winter months. Sunflower seeds, Flax, Plant & Animal proteins star in this specially formulated treat to increase feather production and return your chicken to laying as soon as naturally possible.

    Contains: Black Oil Sunflower Seeds, Wheat Berries, Field Peas, Alfalfa Pellets, Fish Meal, Whole Flax Seeds, Course Cracked Corn, Granite Grit, Vitamin & Mineral Supplement, Honey, Diatomaceous Earth
    Nutritional Estimates: Crude Protein 20%, Crude Fat 12%, Crude Fiber 9%
    This product does NOT contain Oyster Shell for egg layers

    I also sell Powdered Donuts, Sheet Cakes & Individual Serving Size Cubes, as well as bagged Whole Grains & Fish Meal.
    Visit My BYC Page For More Information & Prices

    or visit www.DawnontheFarm.com/for_sale.html for complete information.

    Thank You For Your Consideration!! [​IMG]
    Have Questions, please feel free to Private Message Me or email: [email protected]
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