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May 15, 2015
I have 6 layers 3 Cream Legbar, 1 EE, 1Olive Egger, one unidentified but seems to be a hen looked like Black Copper Maran with bare legs when tiny.

They are in a small tractor and I need to give them more room, fortunately the "frozen tundra" isn't frozen yet.

New tractor is double the size.

I have some silkies I would like to integrate, I know this is a bit hit or miss.

Anyone care to comment on if it is worth trying to put the silkies in the big tractor for a week first and then integrate the layers? The small tractor the layers are in could be put adjacent if that might help. Could even gradually move a couple layers in at a time. There are 7 silkies, BUT two are crowing and little success making them quiet enough to keep, and a third I am getting suspicious about so I might only have 4 we keep.
With just 4 I figure it might be good to get them in a coop with the 6 layers to help everyone stay warm if it ever gets cold, one of the layers is often alone on the far end of the perch so she might benefit from some pals to roost with?

I have the space to keep them separate and can if it doesn't work, would just need a second heated waterer.

Any tips? Figure I might have a benefit in that the layers are switching tractors anyway? Think I can use that to help?
I personally wouldn't put silkies with large fowl, they are going to get picked on and bullies and quite possibly hurt, especially in something like a tractor, put the bigger birds in the bigger one and the silkies in the smaller tractor and maintain two separate flocks, the only way I'd put a silkie with the large breeds is if I had an extra rooster that was feisty enough to take control of them.
I have 3 silkies with my 12 large fowl girls. No problems at all. They were raised together with the big girls. I did that twice, integrated the two flocks with no problems. I don't have any red birds though.....I have heard the Rhode islands can be tough on other marker breeds
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My big girls wouldn't even allow bantam x standard cochins into the flock(6 layers all breeds, in a 300 sq ft area with attached 100 sq ft coop/ run. I doubt very seriously silkies would mix unless they were the 1st and oldest birds. Then i would almost still say no because the standards will outgrow them and want a new pecking order.
With winter threatening to arrive I didn't want to create drama so the layers moved into the new tractor and the silkies will get the little one. This also lets me keep the layers on the garden where they can scratch around in the weeds. I would rather try and put the silkies on grass and tarp the run to keep them dryer and less chance of the sticky clay mud we have making a mess of them.

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