Flock maturing question

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6 Years
Jul 5, 2013
I have 3 Buff Orpington & 2 Ameraucana hens. They all hatched on the same day first week of May; we got them all at the same time. One Orpington is now laying for 2+ weeks, but the other 2 seem to be lagging in growth (or puberty) - small combs, no eggs. They are both the same size as their 'sister'. Food is not an issue -they have plenty. I know Ameraucana hens take longer to mature, but is it normal for birds of same breed & same age treated identically to mature at seemingly radically different rates?

I understand that time will likely cure this, but I am curious if this is common.


One other bi of info - we had one roo, but he left the flock about a month ago - there is a family west of here that runs a 'roo rescue' - they love the sound of roos in the AM. Good for them. Not sure if his presence was a factor or not.
It's not uncommon at all for some hens in a flock to mature more slowly than others. This is true of all animals - even the human animal.

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