Flock mgmt during coop addition & how to introduce new birds

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    New to posting. Been reading quite awhile and have learned alot. 6 girls all about 6.5 mos old. Last week was 1st week for eggs. Had 5 eggs from a Buff - the other should start soon I hope. My wife, son and I enjoy the birds alot, so much that we would like to add a few more, and a Roo to watch over them while free ranging in the 1acre backyard. My coop is 5X6 w/ a 4 box nester hanging off the side. Run is 3X the coop size. The girls get out about 3 hrs a day from 4-dark and are in the run 8-4. I have already started the addition to double the size of the coop, and will be adding on to the run too. Does anyone have any suggestions on mgmt of the girls while constructing? Also, what is the best way to introduce new birds, hens and roos to an existing flock? I want to protect the flock from any disease or illnesses that could come from new birds.
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    You need to quarantine new birds as far from your flock for 3-4 weeks. Even if it means they have to stay caged for that time. The best thing would be to introduce all during free ranging at first. More space usually mean less fussing.

    As far as the building goes, I try to get to a point where I can close things back up at the end of a work session and let the birds back in. If you can't do that, a quicky hoop house with a livestock panel and tarp will serve nicely for a temporary coop. Since they can free range, it will make things somewhat easier.

    PS Welcome to BYC
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