Flock of 27! Names and breeds of them all.


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I have a mixed matched flock of 27. I share them with my brother who has bantams (he thinks bantams don't make as much of a mess as bigger chickens
). I mean they don't in a sense but he has quite a few bantams so it adds up. So here's my list. You can comment what you have or share some thoughts about the breeds or just whatever. I would add pictures but my camera batteries are dead and there's so many birds. We started out only wanting 9 chickens. Then 15. Then 16. Then 20. Then 25. Then 30. We had 33 at most at one time. So our limit is 30 and we're having a rough time staying in the limit. I'll start with the ones I got first then to the last. I got the first ones in April of this year. The first 5 I've raised from a few days old, then the Cuckoos from 2 months old and the rest 4 months to a year old.

2 Tetra Tint hens- Jippers and Jiffy.
1 Frizzle Cochin hen- Iggy (we thought she was a rooster at first so her name used to be Iggurt Benson)
2 Silkies 1 hen 1 rooster- hen: Tanner (partridge) and roo: Leonard (black)
3 Cuckoo Marans- hens: Bertha, Dodo and rooster: Larry.
1 white Silkie hen- Binky (had a brother named Dinky)
1 Japanese black tailed game hen- Lucy
1 speckled game hen- Birdie
2 Silver Sebrights- hen: Polly (had a sister named Molly) rooster: Sylvester
4 Red Sex Links + 1 Production red- all are hens: (PR)- Jojo, Tilly, Dove, Phoebe, Penelope
2 Barred Rock hens- Harper and Piper
3 Cochin roosters- Teddy and the other 2 don't have names yet.
4 D'Uccle crosses- hens: Sadie, Ellie, Blotch and rooster: Theodore

I currently get no eggs. Only 2 are at the point of laying but don't - Polly and Dove. But Polly is probably done for the year and Dove hasn't gotten used to her new home yet. My Tetra Tints should be laying by now but not and more of my Reds should be. Not just Dove. They are aggravating lol. Thanks for looking!
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Sounds like you have a nice flock, like all the names! Totally agree that it takes two or three bantams to equal one regular hen! So you can have at least four times as many bantams (don't forget chicken math!) Hope your girls start laying soon, those Tetras and RSLs are usually pretty dependable.


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Jun 22, 2014
Southwest Virginia
PICTURES!!! In the order of the list above.
Jippers (left). Jiffy(right)
Iggy <3
Leonard (left) and Tanner (right).
Larry (left) Dodo (right).
Bertha is right behind Larry. Tanner is behind her and Lincoln is to the left of Tanner.

Leonard again on the left, Binky in the middle and Iggy on the right. Chicken oreo!
Lucy (left) and Sylvester (right) taking a dirt bath. Polly is in the back.
Birdie. She just started molting.
Dove, enjoying her cinderblock.
Left to right on the roost- Jojo (PR), Phoebe and Penelope (not sure who's who), Piper on the far right, and down below he roost is Tilly (Jojo's sister)
Here is all of Piper.
Harper, my biggest chicken, enjoying the other cinderblock.
Donald in the front, Teddy in the back. Lincoln, the third Cochin roo was in one of the previous pictures.
Theodore (left) and Ellie on the cinderblock.
Lastly, Sadie.

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