Flock of 47 in southeast Texas needs new home, 3 Roosters the rest are producing hens


6 Years
Aug 15, 2014
Rozet, WY
Update: All my gals have found new homes. Thank you BYC!

16 Ideal 236 white hens, 7 Americana hens, 6 Guineas, 15 assorted hens, 1 Americana rooster, 1 236 rooster, 1 white leghorn rooster.

A handful are 18 months old, the rest are new and have started laying beautiful eggs within the last 2 months. A few are unusual breeds.

Release of flock is tentative, will give them away if I can't find a place to keep them where I'm moving to.

Flock is in New Waverly, TX
xxx-xxx-xxxx Business number, leave message if no answer
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I will give you a call in the morning, as well, but I thought I'd reach out on here, too, and let you know that I've got a big barn and ranchland outside of Houston to take in any chickens you may need to find a new home for.

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