flock raiser vs game bird feed


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The biggest one is the protein content. Most game bird feed (also often labeled as turkey starter) is in the 24-28% protein range.

Flock raiser is usually around 20%

There is a member on here who maintains a massive spreadsheet of the majority of the feed brands and options within each brand. I am sure someone will be along shortly to post the link to the spreadsheet.


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what is the difference in Flock Raiser feed and Game Bird feed?

I’ll add that cost is another difference. Here, in my area,I can buy chicken feed, all-flock, turkey starter, and game bird feed. The game bird feed is different from turkey starter, high protein, and more expensive. Also, because it moves more slowly, you have to pay attention to the dates on the bags. We have a feed mill not too far away that mills game bird feed, and mills it as the feed stores request it, so I’ve never seen out of date or very old game bird feed. In addition to cost, the formulation will vary, but that’s to be expected since there is 8-10% more protein than in an all-flock for example.


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what is the difference in Flock Raiser feed and Game Bird feed?
Game bird feed is formulated to satisfy the needs of game birds, guineas and turkeys. Depending on which stage of game bird feed it is, starter (28% - 30% protein), grower (24% protein), finisher (18% protein) and maintenance (15% - 16% protein) it contains the higher amounts of lysine, methionine and niacin that the gamebird types need. It isn't just about the protein levels.

All flock feed is typically 18% - 20% protein and is formulated to attempt to meet the nutritional needs of a mixed flock. It will contain a higher concentration of lysine, methionine and niacin than any chicken feed will provide but not as high a concentration as found in the game gird starter and grower.

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